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The BASICS of Challenging Scenes and Situations


Get immediate access to the recordings of our panel of guest experts who will take you through the best practice when dealing with challenging scenes and situations.

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You will have access to a wide range of clinicians, experienced emergency responders and subject matter experts. The aim of the conference is to provide you with tools and techniques which will enhance your practice when dealing with the wide range of challenging scenes and situations that you may come across in the pre-hospital environment.

During the recordings we will share best practice, clinical guidance and personal experiences with you to develop your knowledge, skills and preparedness.

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Day 1 – End of Life Considerations

Joel Symonds
Joel Symonds - D is for Dying - Dealing with Relatives
Fiona Nicolson and Scott Cormack
Fiona Nicolson and Scott Cormack - Organ and Tissue Donation
Gill Moreton
Gill Moreton - Staying Well in Challenging Situations



Day 2 – Potentially Dangerous Scenes

Stuart Braithwaite
Stuart Braithwaite - Scene Safety - Water
John Aitchison
John Aitchison - Emergency Responder Considerations at Road Traffic Collisions

Graham Kelly
Graham Kelly - Dangers at Train Incidents
Debbie Brown
Debbie Brown - Safety in the Domestic Setting



Day 3 – Major Incidents

James Stevenson
James Stevenson - Major Incidents
Gordon McNeil
Gordon McNeil - Get a Grip! Applying the JESSIP Principles in the Early Stages of an Incident

Brodie Paterson
Brodie Paterson - Major Incidents in Context for the BASICS Scotland Responder
Paul Shaw
Paul Shaw - Triage Sieve Vs Triage Sort

Lyndon Neal
Lyndon Neal - Selby 2001


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