PRF Submission

BASICS Scotland has introduced standardised Patient Report Forms for use by all BASICS Responders in Scotland which have been issued to Responders in a black BASICS Scotland folder which contains all the necessary documentation. These forms have three copies – the top white copy is designed to go with the patient, the middle yellow copy can be kept by the responder and the bottom (anonymised) pink copy should be returned to the BASICS Scotland Office in the freepost envelopes provided.

If you prefer to complete a Patient Report Form online, please complete the form below.

PRF Details

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  • Demographics

  • Incident type

  • Patient Assessment

  • History

  • Interventions Performed

  • Medicines & Allergies

  • Patient Observations

    Observation 1

  • Observation 2

  • Observation 3

  • Cardiac Arrest

  • Drugs given

  • Deceased

  • Handover Details

  • Outcome

  • Stand Down