Leaders in pre-hospital emergency education and care

BASICS Scotland is a Scottish charity, dedicated to providing specialist training for doctors, nurses and paramedics in Scotland, particularly those working in remote and rural locations.

Our support enables them to have the skills to perform vital pre-hospital emergency care. We are proud to provide a vital link within the ‘chain of survival’ and have a proven track record of effective delivery.

Our Partners

Sandpiper is a self-funded charity dedicated to providing doctors, nurses and paramedics, who are BASICS Scotland responders in rural Scotland, with globally respected Sandpiper Bags. These contain the essential medical equipment that these invaluable individuals need to save lives. BASICS Scotland has a long standing partnership with Sandpiper and as well as sharing offices, we also utilise the same pool of administrative talent.

Our Courses

We specialise in promoting the provision of high-quality pre-hospital emergency care to health professionals in Scotland. This includes our work with BASICS Responders across Scotland and providing traditional and innovative training in partnership with NES.

Our Podcast Series

Our podcasts contain chats with experts in their fields talking about topics that have links to the operating of BASICS Scotland Responders and anyone else who may have or are interested in having interactions with other organisations in the field of Pre-hospital Emergency Care.