Core Skills – Multi-Agency Response

This is a one-day hands-on course which focuses on the knowledge and skills required to assess and treat pre-hospital emergency patients as part of a multi-agency response.

We will support you by providing access to pre-course reading materials in advance of your face to face teaching session to provide you with all the knowledge you need to attend.

The learning objectives for the day are:

  • Define Their own role, as well as that of other responders across the agencies in a prehospital setting
  • Identify The skills, equipment and roles that can be deployed in a prehospital event when working towards the best treatment and management of the patient
  • Discuss The skills, roles and responsibilities of the different agencies and the individuals within
  • Demonstrate Team working, interagency understanding, communication and cooperation
  • Outline How interagency working, when used to best effect, for the best management of the patient

How the day will run:

A one-day skills based experiential learning module with the aim of focusing on the knowledge and skills required to assess and treat a patient involved in a multi-agency pre-hospital medical event. This course focuses on the different agencies working together while using the skills and equipment that they would normally carry, to manage their combined resources for the best outcome for the patient. This course has an associated e-learning module which you can access at

The Session begins with a facilitated discussion around the learning needs of the group and any challenges they have faced in practice, the sessions then move to skill stations to learn and practice essential skills, this is then reinforced in scenarios enabling a chance to practice the assessment and treatment strategies from throughout the day.

The remainder of the learning focuses on the structured debrief of the scenarios and lessons learned from these sessions


This is a 1-day course, starting at 08.30 with registration and refreshments and ends at 16.30.

Refreshments are provided by BASICS Scotland, however lunch should be brought by candidates.


£50 per person per day (this includes access to relevant e-learning modules)

How to book:

Please email in the first instance

Number of attendees:

Minimum 3, Maximum by arrangement


Health Care Professionals responding to or working towards responding in the pre-hospital environment.

What do I need to bring?

Appropriate outdoor clothing and footwear for all weathers.

Hosting a core skills day:

If you wish us to come to your location and deliver to your staff please email

Wider context:

All our educational courses are available to health care professionals across Scotland who have an interest in or are working in the pre-hospital care field. The scope of educational materials ranges from on-line e-learning, podcasts, resource hub, tele-education (adult and paediatric). Core skills face to face teaching, virtual skills training (PODs), our Pre-hospital Emergency Care Course (PHECC) and our Pre-hospital paediatric life support course (PHPLS).