Child Safety

Child protection and safety is an important issue to be aware of when you are in the pre-hospital environment.  As responders we have a unique opportunity in some instances to see the patient in their home environment and we can spot and record information which may not be obvious in other settings.

Below is the course Protecting the child which covers the following points:
1) How the Getting It Right for Every Child approach supports the protection of children
2) What children need from those who look after them, including the potential impact of adversity  in parents/carers lives
3) The different dimensions of children’s growth and development – physical, social, educational, emotional, spiritual and psychological
4) The general impact of the wider world of family, friends and community on children, including general factors affecting unborn children
5) The kinds of events, characteristics and circumstances that can give rise to concerns about children, including unborn children
6) General principles of information sharing, including the distinction between circumstances where there is a need for consent and where there is not.

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